24 May 2012

Durango Iron Horse Classic – A signature Durango bike race

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A race between man and machine that got its start in the 1880’s, the Iron Horse Classic is a signature Durango event you don’t want to miss and it’s this weekend!  The race started as a friendly competition between two brothers – the older of the two worked for the railroad and the younger a bicycle enthusiast. Challenged to a race by his older brother, Jim (the younger of the two), waited one morning for the train to pass. His brother blew the whistle and the race began; Jim on his 10-speed pedaling over the mountain pass and Tom on the train, winding it’s way at a limited speed to Silverton.

Tom eventually won, and since 1972 riders have celebrated his victory with a race against the train over that same mountain pass. Thirty-six riders made that first trek, and now the race draws more than 3,500 participants, the number growing every year. The race takes up the entire weekend (so clear your calendar) with circuit races, tours, BMX races, trials, mountain bike rides, the road race itself and more.

Whether you choose to take the challenge and race the last coal-powered train in the country, or you just want to be at the start or finish to witness the incredible feat and celebrate the splendor of the mountains, it’ll be a day you’ll never forget!




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