Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort

Skiing at Durango Mountain Resort Just 25 miles north of Durango, Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort offers a treasure chest of activities year-round. Whether for fresh track on thousands of acres of ski trail or a summer hike to view the wildflowers DMR is a Durango attraction that has it all.

Known best for the consistent snowfall it receives year round, DMR offers visitors more than 1,300 skiable acres, much of which are groomed. The front side boasts a range of fast, smooth groomers and some steep bumps. The bunny hill offers a great starting place for grown-ups and kiddos alike, and lessons are offered for full and half-day sessions, or for multi-day and even week long for those trying to master the sport. On the back side of the mountain, the terrain stiffens a bit and more advanced skiers tend to head this way. If you find yourself over on Chet’s and Sally’s, or Blackburns Bash, take a stop into Dante’s restaurant for lunch or a beer while you rest those quads. If your carting kiddo’s along on your winter vacation, consider the tubing hill at the bottom for hours of fun!

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The Village at DMR offers a range of accommodation, shopping and restaurant opportunities, and the ‘Beach’ at the base has fire pits for après ski gatherings. We all know the end-of-the-day beer is one of the best things about skiing, so take advantage of the warm environment and local beer offered here. Check into local events as well, as DMR hosts a number of memorable events throughout the course of the summer. One of which is Music in the Mountains, a high-elevation symphony that attracts an audience from all around the world.

Durango Mountain Resort Alpine SlideIn the summer, the place comes alive with music and outdoor activities for the whole family. The aspens and wildflowers are in bloom, and the mountain looks like a completely different place. For locals, the summer is marked by the opportunity to hop on the Alpine slide and race to the finish. The number and scale of activities has expanded drastically and DMR now offers everything from zip-lining, to horse-back rides, bike rides, climbing walls, bungee trams, mini-golf and so much more. DMR has the family holiday down to a ‘t’, and their trip planners are excellent at helping determine ways to squeeze in everything that everything in the family wants to do.

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