buck-s-liveryThe cowboys who once lived there, herding cattle and sheep deep into the mountains, mark Durango’s heritage. Though they are few now, the cowboy culture remains a significant piece of Durango’s charm. So, pack your boots and your chaps and join Durango natives for a ride into the mountains. If you don’t have any of your own, downtown Durango offers prime shopping for beautiful leather goods!

Whether you fancy taking a couple of days to ride deep into the mountains, or if a day or just a couple of hours suits you best, local companies offer a number of tour options. The horses are well maintained and well behaved. Guides are skilled at picking a horse that matches the skill level of the rider, and this holds true for the kiddos of the bunch, ensuring horseback riding is a fun activity for the whole family. Many of the local companies that offer horse tours are Durango natives, some going back 3-4 generations, and they know their stuff.

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Departing from alpine meadows and trekking deep into the mountains, these horse rides are a great way to get to places that aren’t accessible by car and that might take longer on foot. Plus, the horse carries all the gear—and that’s definitely a bonus. Rides in the spring offer views of gushing mountain streams and rivers, and freshly blooming aspens and wildflowers. The flowers maintain deep into summer, and then the leaves begin to change. A ride through the same forests in the fall looks completely different as the aspen glow yellow and oaks burn a deep red.

In the winter, in addition to trail rides, many companies offer sleigh rides that are truly magical. Hot cocoa, hay bales, carols and the moon on the snow –just doesn’t really get any better.